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Florida Auctioneers Association members will be the preferred auction professionals used in the state of Florida

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florida Auctioneers association
5 months ago

Florida Auctioneers Day on The Hill

Florida Auctioneers Day on The Hill  Show Up! Stand Up! Speak Up! 2017 FAA Legislative Day The annual Day on the Hill: our “Trip to Tallahassee” is scheduled for ...

auctioneer bidding
5 months ago

Quick-Look comparison between Real Estate Licensees and Auctioneers Agency – The Supreme Court of the United States in 1921 said “auctioneers are to represent sellers,” regarding a real estate auction. However, an Auctioneer ...

Craig Fleming Auctioneer by Myers Jackson_
7 months ago

Auctioneers Life Lessons

Auctioneers Life Lessons This article will be the first in a series of life lessons I have learned over the past 50 years, yes I am now officially considered ...

florida auctioneers directors
9 months ago

Florida Auctioneers Association President, Myers Jackson

Florida Auctioneers Association President   Message from the President…Florida Auctioneers Association President, Myers Jackson, CAI, AARE, CES, ATS, e-PROI, Myers Jackson as the President, Florida Auctioneers Association say thank-you!I say ...

chris fisher auctioneer
9 months ago

Chris Fisher, Auctioneer, Marine, Steward

Chris Fisher, Auctioneer, Marine, StewardRecently, I had the opportunity to sit in on an NAA task force that is developing a new designation for Contract Auctioneers.  This task force ...

9 months ago

Florida Auctioneers Convention Experience: My 1st time

Florida Auctioneers Convention Experience: My 1st timeMy First Florida Auctioneers Association Experience            My first Florida Auctioneers Association experience was very warm feeling. I felt welcome by everyone there. The speakers ...