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Florida Auctioneers Association members will be the preferred auction professionals used in the state of Florida

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andy shetler
8 months ago

Andy Shetler named Florida Champion Auctioneer

Andy Shetler named Florida Champion Auctioneer The Florida Auctioneers Associations meets on an annual basis and then as called by the President and Board of Directors for special events. During ...

chris fisher auctioneer
10 months ago

Auction Business in Florida is Big Business

Auction Business in Florida is Big Business Another year is passing and the annual conference with the Florida Auctioneers Association is closing in. This year’s event will be held in ...

Fun Auction with Florida Auctioneers
11 months ago

Fun Auction with Florida Auctioneers

Fun Auction with Florida Auctioneers 2016 Florida Auctioneers Association50 is Fantastic – Annual Conference and ShowFUN AUCTION at the 2016 Florida Auctioneers Conference  This year we are excited to celebrate the ...

florida land auctions online
11 months ago

Florida Land Sales Online at Auction

Florida Land Sales online at Auction Florida Land Auctioneers Online where…”Acreage Meets technology” Acre.BidThe online bidding world is ever present and Florida Auctioneers like Myers Jackson  and other prominent FAA members are leading the ...

11 months ago

Clearwater Auction Service

Clearwater Auction ServiceComplete Auctions and Estate Sales is Clearwater Auction Service Company that features the complete package. The principal owners of the Company Chris and Missy Bohr have been ...

florida real estate auctioneers
11 months ago

Hollywood Florida Auctioneers

Hollywood Florida Auctioneers Stapler Auctions has been doing business with Leonard Stampler entering the Auction Business starting in 1960. Take a look at the timeline through the years and you can ...

reach florida
1 year ago

Auctioneer Marketing Strategies

Auctioneer Marketing Strategies  “Just as marketing strategies and technologies are evolving, so are marketers’ roles and responsibilities,” McGowan said. “Adapting to new innovations is key to maintaining, and increasing, business ...