The Vision of the FAA:
Florida Auctioneers Association members will be the preferred auction professionals used in the state of Florida

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Why Use The FAA

Why do we join an Association – any Association? 1) To Gain Knowledge – 2) Improve Our Imagine/Get Professional – 3) Increase Business/Network. We think it boils down to these three reasons and feel we offer all three.

1) Gain Knowledge – the Florida Auctioneers Association offers great seminars and workshops from bid calling: marketing: responsible advertising: the law: sales tax: contracts: ethics: technology: networking: great ideas round table: improve efficiency: innovation. Attend Conventions, listen, talk, share, and learn.

2) Improve Image/Get Professional – If you are a member of an Association, you probably feel it will give you ground to stand on when you make a sales pitch. All Talk, No Action, unless you utilize what is available to you. If you are an active member in that Association, you are involved & passionate about the cause-this will help make you succeed. When you are involved in your Association, you gain a world of knowledge & information from the other members-networking. You gain knowledge from attending the conventions. And the more CORRECT knowledge you get, the more Professional you become. Develop and promote the highest standards of ethical business practices. Contribute to the progress and advancement of lawful actions.

3) Increase Business/Network – There we go again with that word “Network”. Meet others in your profession that are as passionate as you. The more we get to know others in our profession, the more we learn and can pass on to our clients or receive referrals from others in the Association.

These are some very powerful reasons to join and be active in the Florida Auctioneers Association. And they all co-mingle together. We hope you see the advantages we offer you and your chosen profession. Our Board is hard at work with strategic planning, updating our website, working with various providers to give our members advertising & credit card discounts and more. Children’s Home Society is our sponsored Charity. Thanks to our membership and great planning we are able to present them with $5,000.00!!